3 Signs That Your Eyeglass Prescription Needs To Be Tweaked Or Changed

How often do you get your eyes checked? If you're an adult with no known risks to your vision, you should get an eye exam every two years to see if you need corrective lenses or if the ones you do have need to be tweaked. However, your eyes can change dramatically over the course of several months, which means you might have to get a new prescription before it's time to go back to the eye doctor for your regular appointment. Following are three ways you can tell that your current lenses aren't doing their job.

Vision Issues

If you find yourself squinting while trying to read fine print, enlarging the font on your devices, or reaching for your readers more often, you are likely having vision problems. This is also true if you are holding objects farther away from you in order to see them better. Other signs of vision issues include hazy or double vision as well as blurry vision. If you experience any of these signs and symptoms regularly, you should have your eyes examined to see if your prescription needs changed or if there is something else going on with your vision. 


Headaches, eye strain and eye fatigue are all signs that your eyes are working harder than they should. While headaches are a common occurrence for many people - even those without eye issues - there are ways you can tell if your headaches are due to poor vision. If you normally experience headaches after working in front of the computer, driving, reading or watching TV, you are likely straining to see without even realizing it. If you pay very close attention, you can sometimes feel your eyes straining while performing these tasks, which also means that your prescription probably needs to be tweaked.

Bright Lights

If it's hard for you to drive at night or in the rain due to intense glare, you should probably go see your eye doctor. If it's difficult for you to see in sunlight or if you see halos around the lights in your home and at work, you are likely having issues as well. 

If you start to experience vision problems, it's very important to have your eyes checked as soon as possible to prevent strain or injury to the eye. Your doctor also needs to rule out any underlying causes for your vision changes, such as diabetes, macular degeneration or glaucoma. 

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