Choose The Right Chiropractic Technique For Your Needs

When you're choosing a chiropractor, finding one with a good bedside manner and years of experience is a must. However, it's also important to be sure that your chiropractor practices a form of chiropractics that's right for you. Whether you're injured, stiff, or just want to keep your spine aligned, this guide will help you to choose a chiropractic method that's right for you.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation, also known as diversified technique, is the most-used method by chiropractors, with 95.9% of them using it. Spinal manipulation involves physically manipulating the vertebrae of the spine with the chiropractor's hands, palms, and elbows.

When the chiropractor finds a portion of the spine that needs adjustment, they thrust a hand at the area while maintaining very little impact, or blow, to the region. This may sound frightening, but it's generally painless and corrects the misalignment very quickly.

Spinal manipulation is popular because it's so effective, but it isn't be advised for conditions where tissue trauma, like bruising or healing wounds, are present.


Activator technique uses the same principles as spinal manipulation, but is generally viewed as a more precise and gentle method. Instead of using their own bodies, chiropractors use a spring-loaded tool called an activator that produces just enough kinetic energy to move and manipulate vertebrae.

Activator treatments are generally delivered with the patient lying face-down. Chiropractors find areas that need treatment by pressing their hands on the spine to look for areas that need adjustment. The activator is then placed in an appropriate spot and pressed, which causes the base of the activator to gently strike the region.

This method is extremely gentle, and can usually be performed on parts of the body that have minor tissue injuries. With 69.9% of chiropractors using this technique, there's a good chance that you can find one who does.

Extremity Adjusting

Extremity adjusting is one of the gentlest chiropractic methods: instead of applying pressure to the spine, it focuses on damage and injury to the body's joints. It's also the second-most popular, with 95.5% of chiropractors performing it. The chiropractor lifts and adjusts your arms and legs to stimulate and loosen muscles connected to joints that are injured from things like tennis elbow or hurting from diseases like arthritis.

This method is best if you have joint problems in your hips, legs, or arms, but may not be effective if your back or spine is having problems.

All chiropractic techniques can heal, but some may be more beneficial to you depending on the reason you're seeking treatment. If you're unsure which is right for you, consult with a chiropractor such as First Chiropractic: they'll be able to evaluate your physical condition and determine if they can help you.