Four Key Features For Your New Hearing Aid

Getting a hearing aid for the first time can be a confusing experience. For example, you may not know what type of hearing aid will work best for your situation. Fortunately, modern technology is creating hearing aids with crucial features that help users get the most benefit from their devices. Here are four critical features that will enhance your experience. 

Directional Microphone

Suppose that you are having a conversation with someone while wearing your hearing aid. Naturally, you want to hear the sound of the other person's voice, not extraneous noises coming from other directions. A hearing aid with a directional microphone resolves this problem. When the conversation begins, the directional microphone focuses on the sounds coming from the speaker in front of you. Sounds coming from other directions are minimized. 

Self Learning Volume Control

Another convenient hearing aid technology is called self learning volume control. When a user changes the volume levels on his hearing aid, the self learning volume control remembers these settings. Over time, the volume levels are automatically set to the user's preference without the user having to make any adjustment.  


This handy feature consists of a very small coil of wire inside of the hearing aid. The telecoil helps the user pick up sounds coming from certain types of devices, such as telephones. Telephones emit a magnetic signal which the telecoil amplifies. This enables you to hear better when speaking with someone over the phone. In addition to telephones, telecoils also work well with other devices, such as televisions. In some hearing aids, the user must activate the telecoil manually, while in others, the telecoil operates automatically. 

Tinnitus Management

If you suffer from tinnitus as well as hearing loss, then a hearing aid equipped with a tinnitus management feature is just what the doctor ordered. The technology typically consists of a sound generator combined with the hearing aid. The generator produces a calming sound that masks the irritating and distracting noise created by your tinnitus. Although this does not cure the tinnitus, it keeps any discomfort at manageable levels as you go about your daily activities. You can usually customize the masking sound for your convenience. 

Although it takes a little time to adjust to the situation of having to wear a hearing aid, there is no real cause for concern. Today's devices allow you to hear clearly and avoid missing out on what is happening around you. Talk with a hearing aid specialist like Audiologists Northwest for more information.