How To Fight Back Pain With Natural Endorphin Release

Did you know that endorphins are the body's natural painkillers? There are many activities in which you can participate to use the natural pain management properties of endorphins to deal with your lower back pain without resorting to medications. 

One great thing about using endorphins to combat pain is that endorphin-releasing activities tend to be highly enjoyable! What types of activities will help you enjoy a natural endorphin high? Try the following...

  • Eat the right foods- Certain foods are known to contribute to a release of endorphins. Some examples of endorphin-releasing foods include chocolate, cayenne peppers, ginseng, and fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of folic acid. 
  • Engage in the right activities- Exercising is a good way to enjoy the release of endorphins. While it might be hard to stay active when you're facing chronic back pain, you can probably find a doable activity that won't trigger your back pain if you are creative and if you put some thought into it. 
  • Smell the right scents- Just like certain foods are known to release endorphins, certain scents are known to have a similar effect. Some scents that have been shown to promote endorphin release include the scents of vanilla and lavender. Light some incense or put some vanilla-extract scented potpourri out to take advantage of these effects. 
  • Have a laugh!- It's hard to notice any discomfort in your back when you're laughing hysterically. Put on a favorite comedy or invite a funny friend over for some tea to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of laughter.
  • Be social- Have you ever noticed how easy it is to forget your worries when you're engaging in an enjoyable social interaction? You'll quickly forget your back pain if you get lost in conversation with a group of friends or even with some new acquaintances. 
  • Play music you love- Surely you've noticed how hearing a beloved tune leaves you feeling happy and energized. Playing your favorite music is a good way to add a pleasing touch to your background that will help you enjoy endorphin release as you work or go about your everyday chores.   
  • Do something daring- The rush experienced when you engage in daring activities can boost your mood and trigger endorphin release. What type of activities should you try? Consider getting involved in a competition, trying something new, or taking an entrepreneurial risk to distract your mind from your back pain and take advantage of your body's endorphins. To find out more, contact a company like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates.