4 Tips For Surviving Chemotherapy

If you are about to start chemotherapy then you are probably wondering what you should and should not do while you are going through the process. Going through chemotherapy can be extremely difficult and it is best to be as prepared as you can. Being prepared will help you to avoid any major surprises which can make chemotherapy more stressful:

Do Not Eat Raw Fish And Vegetables

While you are on chemotherapy, your body's ability to fight bacteria will be decreased. Raw fruits and vegetables sometimes contain bacteria that cannot be removed unless the fish or vegetables have been cooked. You should also avoid eating fruits that cannot be peeled. It is always best to remove the peel from any fruit since washing alone will not get rid of all the bacteria that may be present.

Avoid Dry Mouth

Chemotherapy can make your mouth become extremely dry because the chemicals used in the therapy can thicken saliva. In order to avoid this you can try using a mouthwash that is especially formulated for dry mouth. Dry mouth can increase the amount of bacteria that is present in the mouth and this can cause mouth sores. Mouth sores tend to take a very long time to heal during chemotherapy.

Stay Away From Large Crowds

If there is one time in your life when you must become a bit anti-social it is while you are on chemotherapy. The larger the crowd or gathering the more likely it is for you to pick up bacteria and airborne viruses which can ravage your fragile immune system. When you do go out be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you so that you can cleanse your hands whenever you touch surfaces in public places. In this way you will be able to avoid or reduce the amount of bacteria that you come into contact with.

Use Cold Caps

Cold caps are designed to reduce the amount of hair loss that you experience during chemotherapy. Cold caps suppress the rate of growth of your hair follicles. This prevents your hair follicles from absorbing too many chemicals during treatment and helps you to keep more of your hair while you are doing chemotherapy.

Going through chemotherapy is never easy but by using the tips mentioned you will be able to transition more smoothly into the chemotherapy process. The sooner you get comfortable with your therapy, the sooner you will be able to put your focus on your recovery which is the most important thing when you are battling cancer.

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