How To Determine If You Need A New Physical Therapist

When you are recovering from a sports injury, you are going to need all of the help that you can get in order to get back on the field or in the pool as quickly as possible. Physical therapy is going to be your best bet for building your strength back up, and the physical therapist is going to be your main ally. However, not every physical therapist is best for every type of person. You need your physical therapist to be right for you in order to make sure that you make a full recovery. Here are some signs that you need a new physical therapist.

1. You Don't Have a Connection With the Therapist

The connection that you need to have with your physical therapist is one of an alliance. You both need to be looking out for your well-being and recovery. If you go to three or four sessions and still cannot remember the name of your physical therapist, then you are probably going to need to find someone else with which you can establish a connection. Without this connection, you and your therapist are just going to be going through the motions of the exercises, not actively working towards anything.

2. You Can't See Your Therapist Regularly

If your therapist's schedule is always full and you have to wait a few weeks in between appointments, you are going to need to find a new physical therapist. This is because most injuries respond the most favorably to treatment if that treatment is started as early as possible. If you don't have a good stint of treatment right after you injure yourself, you might not be able to fully recover as quickly. Not being able to see your therapist is going to hamper your recovery. Find someone whose schedule is less full.

3. Your Therapist Doesn't Listen To You

Finally, you need to find a therapist that is going to listen to you when you tell them about your needs. If you are working on strengthening your back and you have found success with one or two methods that you found online, you should tell your therapist. If he or she totally dismisses you and does not explain why those exercises are not as effective, you might need to find a different therapist because your current one didn't put in the effort to listen to what you had to say.

For more information, talk to your physical therapist about your progress and if your partnership is still effective. Contact other physical therapists, such as those at Peak Physical Therapy of Brooklyn, to see how their services compare.