2 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In A Home Stair Lift For Your Aging Loved One

According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), falls are the primary cause of both non-fatal and fatal injuries for older individuals here in America. In fact, every 13 seconds, there is an older individual who is in the emergency room receiving treatment for a fall; and every 20 seconds, there is an older individual who has died after falling. These statistics are alarming, which is exactly why you should think about having a home stair lift installed in your loved one's home. Aside from the actual statistics, here is why a stair lift can be helpful in the home:

1. Stair Lifts Encourage Continued Independent Living.

A quality stair lift that has been properly installed in the home can make it easy for older individuals to get around their home. It lets them maintain their independence, which is something many of them want to do when they get older. They don't want to go into a nursing home; they want to stay in their own home. When mobility becomes difficult and painful, individuals tend to rely on family members, friends, caregivers and other loved one to get up and down the stairs. This is frustrating for them, but a stair lift can combat all of that by helping them move comfortably throughout the home without being injury prone.

Since stair lifts offer independent living, these lifts can ensure your loved ones get to age in the home that they currently live in. There are a lot of memories in the home a home, and just because your loved one may not be as quick on their feet as they once were, it doesn't mean that they need to find a new home to live in.

2. Stair Lifts Reduce the Risk of Falls and Related Injuries.

It is extremely frightening trying to navigate stairs when you suffer from limited mobility or you aren't as strong as you used to be. Older people are especially prone to losing their balance and falling down a flight of stairs, which can lead to injuries that put them in the hospital. In fact, the NCOA reports that there are more than 734,000 hospitalizations for fall-related injuries each year.

While some may come out with a few minor scrapes bruises, others could experience internal injuries and broken bones. In the worst possible case, they could suffer fatal injuries. If you have a loved one that must navigate the stairs in their home, consider the installation of a stair lift that will help them get up and down the stairs with minimal risk of injury.

To learn more about how a stair lift can help your loved one maintain as much normalcy and independence as possible, contact a medical supplier or stair lift company like All-Star Lifts.