What Are The Benefits Of Laser Cataract Surgery?

If you are experiencing a loss of vision due to clouding of your lens, you might be diagnosed with cataracts. These occur more often with older adults, though they can happen at any age. With cataract surgery, those cataracts are removed, which restores your vision. While traditional cataract surgery is common and has few risks, many people are opting for laser-assisted surgery. This provides a variety of advantages over the traditional method.

It Takes Less Time

A great benefit to laser cataract surgery is that it often takes less time during the procedure than with traditional cataract surgery. During the procedure, a computer connected to the laser will first examine the eye and find the location of the cataracts. The laser is then used to cut into the eye lens, which is minimally invasive, then remove the cataract. Incisions are used in traditional cataracts, which can sometimes take longer, even for a skilled eye surgeon. You will be in and out quickly and with very few risks.

Laser Technology Is More Precise

With this advanced technology comes a more effective cataract procedure overall. Since the computer is helping to guide the laser to the location of the cataract and making a circular opening just large enough for removing the cataract, it is often more precise. When done by hand, surgery might be effective at removing the cataract, but the opening may not be quite as flawless as what can be achieved with a laser. Also, the laser is able to break up the cataract, which makes it easier to remove.

There Is a Faster Recovery

If you are concerned about losing your vision during cataract surgery, you don't have to worry too much about this issue if you choose laser surgery over the traditional method. Less ultrasound energy is required for laser cataract surgery, which often results in a shorter and easier recovery time. Not only do you experience less discomfort as a result of the procedure, but your vision will be back to normal in a shorter period of time. To further improve the recovery process, follow the eye surgeon's instructions very carefully. This includes taking any prescribed medications, covering the eye as needed, and not removing the patch or going out in the sunlight until the recommended period of time.

Talk to your eye doctor about the possibility of getting laser cataract surgery for these and other benefits.