How To Avoid Picking Up Infections At The Gym

Your physiotherapist may prescribe customized gym workouts to speed up the healing of your musculoskeletal injury. However, a typical gym isn't completely safe; you can easily pick up an infection there if you aren't careful. Here are some of the measures to help you avoid picking up an infection during your workouts:

Shower after a Workout

Showering after a gym workout isn't just to get rid of the smell; it also helps you to avoid infections. Perspiration on the skin allows bacteria to thrive and multiply. This means the longer you stay before showering, the more time the bacteria have to multiply and affect you. Wiping off sweat with a towel won't help; you need to clean your whole body and dry yourself thoroughly.

Don't Walk Barefoot In the Locker Room

The floor is one of the dirtiest places in the gym; locker-room or shower floors are particularly notorious for harboring germs. You can easily pick up an infection, such as athletes foot if you don't take precautions. Therefore, don't walk barefoot in the shower or locker room. Protect your feet with suitable shower shoes or flip flops. After showering, dry your feet thoroughly (especially between the toes) and wear clean socks.

Change Into Clean Clothes after Showering

It's not just your skin that might get into contact with germs at the gyms; even your clothes aren't safe. Because of that you should change into clean clothes after showering. Also, keep the dirty gym clothes separate from your other clean clothes until you can wash the former; that way you will avoid contaminating your clean clothes.

Wipe Machines Before Use

You can pick up an infection at the gym if your skin is exposed to a surface that has been handled by an infected person. A good gym provides paper towels and antibacterial sprays for its members. Use these to disinfect machine parts that are exposed to your body during exercise. This should be an automatic reaction every time you go to the gym.

Cover Healing Wounds

It is easier for germs to get into your body via open wounds than unbroken skin. While it would be irresponsible to go to the gym with fresh or oozing wounds, it is alright to go with healing wounds. Just make sure you cover the healing wounds with bandages. That way you both protect yourself and other people from being infected.

Put these precautions to use so you don't get sick while still recovering from your musculoskeletal injury. Don't let the fear of gym infections interfere with your workout and recovery. For more information, contact companies like Holly Heights Nursing Home.