Tips For Becoming Closer To Your Spouse When You Feel That You Are Going In Different Directions

When couples marry, they often believe that their lives together will be perfect. Unfortunately, this is not what typically happens after just a couple months or years of married life. Life gets in the way, and couples can begin fighting over almost everything. One issue many couples struggle with is fulfillment in the marriage. If you and your spouse are not feeling satisfied in the marriage, there is a chance this could be the result of different goals and dreams in life. Here are several things to understand about this common struggle with married couples.

Having different dreams and goals is normal

The person you marry is most likely extremely different from you. This doesn't make him or her wrong; it just makes your spouse different. Because of these differences, there is a good chance you both want different things from the marriage. Learning to accept these differences is a good place to start when trying to find fulfillment in your marriage. You must accept your spouse has different desires and dreams than you have, and this is okay in a marriage.

A marriage should contain shared dreams and goals too

As different as you both are, though, a good marriage will require having some similar goals and dreams too. If you do not share anything in common, you may both begin drifting off to your own hobbies and activities, and this will cause distance in your marriage. If you discuss this issue, it is likely that you can find things you both have in common, and these are areas you should both begin focusing on.

You can achieve fulfillment if you work on this together

Seeking help from a relationship counselor might be a good way to work this problem out, and here are some tips that may help you find some common ground in your marriage:

  • Take an interest in the things your spouse enjoys – You can become closer to each other if you show interest in the things each of you enjoys. If your husband likes fishing, offer to go with him next time. If your wife likes gardening, offer to help her with this.
  • Develop a shared hobby – When you and your spouse can do something together on a regular basis, it will build and strengthen your relationship, bringing you closer. Find something you both like to do and start doing it.
  • Talk about it – Talking about this issue can also help, simply because it shows that you both care and want to make things better.

If you would like to learn more tips to become happier and closer in your marriage, you should schedule an appointment with a relationship counselor like Sharon O'Connell, MA today.