Considering a Breast Enhancement After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? Know Your Options

If you have had children, breastfed, and now aren't happy with the way that your breasts look, there are some different surgical options you can look into to improve your appearance. Filling the breasts can give you a curvier appearance, help you feel more confident in tight-fitting shirts and swimwear, and help you get back the breasts you had before you starting having kids. Here are a couple of the different options you should consider to get the body that you want, now that you're done having kids and feeding.

Breast Reconstruction

If you don't like the way your breasts look and want to have full, large breasts that are much larger than your natural size, you'll want to go with a full breast reconstruction. With this, the surgeon will lift the breasts, put in implants, adjust the nipples if needed, and fully reconstruct the area. This may be needed for women who have severe sagging, who don't have the desired amount of natural fat to help fill the breasts, or who have had previous breast augmentations. If your chest is currently very flat and saggy, you may need tissue expanders to get the implants that you want.

Natural Augmentation

If you think your body image would improve if you could just fill the breasts a little, and you don't want to put full implants in your body, ask about natural augmentation options. A natural augmentation will entail taking fat from other areas of your body, like the stomach, butt, or thighs, and then putting it into the breasts. You will be using your own fat to fill your chest, and this is a more natural option than getting implants. However, you may not be able to get very large breasts doing this, and you may still want to consider a lift if you want your breasts to be higher.

If you get the reconstruction and decide that you want to have larger breasts, you can have the implants enlarged at a later time. You can start smaller if you are worried about how the breasts are going to look or just start with the natural augmentation to see how much bigger you think you'll want to go if you get real implants. If you are tired of having sagging breasts and and tired of trying to perk them up with bras and clothes, talk with a plastic surgeon to see what size would be best for your body and what procedures you can get done.