3 Natural Back-to-School Stress Relievers for Moms

Summer is coming to an end, which means most children will be heading back to school. While students will have to deal with the stress of waking up early, taking tests, and doing homework, parents may also need to deal with their child's anxiety. If you are a mom getting ready to send the kids back to school, preparing yourself for the upcoming emotional distress is smart. Using these tips, you can reduce the stress you will feel once your kids are back in school.


You most likely already know how exercise benefits your physical health, but it can improve your emotional health, as well.

Exercise is proven to increase your brain's production of endorphins. These natural chemicals flood your body, improving your mood almost instantly.

Light walking, jogging, yoga, dancing, swimming, or participating in a favorite sport are all effective options for reducing stress and anxiety.

While this is shocking for most people to learn, only five minutes of aerobic exercise is needed to ease your anxiety somewhat.


To ease tension in muscles and ligaments that stems from stress, consider booking an appointment with a massage therapist. Massage therapists use their hands to gently yet firmly loosen tense ligaments, muscles, and bones that are tense due to emotional distress.

In addition, massage is a relaxing therapy that boosts the production of endorphins. This relaxation can decrease your anxiety, allowing you to manage your child's educational stress in a more effective and pleasant manner. You can book a massage with a company like Health Atlast Fountain Valley in advance to make sure that the massage fits well into your day.

Breathing Techniques

As a mom, you have probably experienced a great deal of stress every morning before school. Your child may struggle to wake up, get dressed, and eat in a timely manner. Or, they may have lost an important form or piece of homework.

These common morning issues will cause you to experience a great deal of stress, and this can wreak havoc on your entire day. Unfortunately, stepping away for some exercise or a massage will not be possible in these cases due to time constraints.

While your child is rushing around and panicking, take a few moments to complete some breathing exercises. Sit in a comfortable position and place one hand on your chest while the other is on your stomach. Breathe in through your nose and feel the hand on your stomach rising; the hand on your chest should not move much. Exhale through your mouth, taking notice of your hands a second time. Repeat the breathing technique as necessary.

Repeat the breathing exercise when you need fast relief of your stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but it should not take over your life. With these tips, you can reduce the stress of having your children back in school.