Living With Pet Allergies

Welcoming a pet into your home can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the emotional support a companion animal can provide. Unfortunately, if you have allergies then the addition of a pet could be a source of discomfort. Finding ways to minimize pet dander in your home will help you minimize the effects of your pet on your allergies in the future.

Here are three simple things you can try to make living with both pets and pet allergies more bearable.

1. Install an air filter in your home.

Because pet allergies are often caused by the dander (which is essentially dandruff produced by your pet) that is associated with animals like cats and dogs, eliminating excess dander from your home can help you minimize your allergy symptoms. One simple way to eliminate dander is by installing an air filter in your home.

The best filtration systems feature activated carbon to help adsorb pet odors as well as HEPA filters to remove pet dander from the air. Cleansing your home's air with a quality filtration system can significantly reduce your discomfort level when it comes to living with both your pet and your pet allergies.

2. Keep your pet well-groomed.

While regular grooming is recommended to keep pets happy and healthy, a consistent grooming schedule plays a critical role in helping pet owners with allergies manage their symptoms. Having a clean pet reduces the amount of dander that is produced.

A reduction in dander production can mean a significant reduction in your allergy symptoms, making living with your beloved pet more bearable. Investing in professional grooming for your pet every 4–6 weeks can be a valuable way to help you manage your allergies.

3. Take medications.

Your doctor may be able to prescribe medications that can help you manage your pet allergy symptoms. Requesting a prescriptions could be a simple way to make living with your pet more comfortable in the future.

Medications like antihistamines (which relieve sneezing), corticosteroids (which reduce nasal inflammation), and decongestants (which control swelling in the nasal passages) can all be beneficial tools in helping you treat the symptoms of your pet allergy.

Finding effective ways to minimize your allergy symptoms when you have both a pet and pet allergies allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning a companion animal. Try investing in an air filtration system for your home, grooming your pet regularly, and taking medications to manage your pet allergies more effectively in the future. For more information, visit sites like