3 Signs Your Baby Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

From feeding and education to basic health and wellness, raising a baby can be an overwhelming, yet wonderful, experience. Unfortunately, most parents are not equipped for the various issues their new baby will have. While some issues are normal and common, other problems can cause your baby a great deal of discomfort. If your baby is experiencing any problems, you should consult the pediatrician immediately. Even though you may be surprised to hear, chiropractic care involving realignments and even massage can be beneficial for your baby. If you are noticing one or more of the following signs, your baby could benefit from chiropractic care.

Chronic Ear Infections

Ear infections are not pleasant for your baby or for yourself. Not only will they cause your baby pain, but the infections can also prevent your baby from sleeping and eating properly. In addition, the fevers that come along with an ear infection can be dangerous for your baby.

An estimated 23 percent of babies will have an ear infection before their first birthday. Your child's pediatrician will most likely prescribe antibiotics, which are effective in most cases. Unfortunately, many babies develop multiple ear infections over their first year of life. These chronic ear infections could most likely stem from improper drainage due to a narrow ear canal.

You may continue administering antibiotics for each ear infection, but continued use of these medications can negatively affect your child's immune system. Surgery to place tubes into the ear canal, which will improve drainage, may also be suggested. However, this is an invasive treatment.

A chiropractic adjustment has been proven effective for treating drainage issues in babies, children, and adults who suffer from chronic ear infections. By realigning the spine, neck, and head, the adjustment reduces pressure on the nerves to improve drainage.

Nursing Difficulties

Breastfeeding is a great time for mothers to bond with their babies, but pediatricians also believe breast milk is the most nutritious option for babies. Unfortunately, certain issues that affect your baby's ability to latch on and suckle may arise.

An inability to successfully latch on to the breast and suck is most likely due to a problem in your baby's spinal alignment. During birth, your baby's body is squeezed and stressed beyond measure when traveling through the birth canal or being pulled out during a cesarean section. While a natural and unavoidable part of childbirth, this physical stress can alter the alignment of your baby's spine.

A chiropractor will use their hands to gently manipulate the head and neck into a more aligned position with the spine. This will improve your baby's range of motion, ensuring they can latch on to the breast and begin suckling the nipple.

Acid Reflux/Spitting Up

Every baby will spit up at one point in time. However, if your baby is spitting up, vomiting, or coughing excessively, they may have GERD.

GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, occurs when food reverses course, backing up into the throat instead of going down into the stomach. There are many medications available to manage GERD, reducing acid reflux and discomfort, but chiropractic care can be a healthier alternative.

Again, realigning the spine with the neck and head will reduce tension in your baby's body. By stopping this stress, your baby's nervous system will allow other systems, including the digestive system, to work in a more appropriate manner.

Realigning the spine with the neck and head with gentle manipulation will also help any excess food and acids to flow properly down the esophagus, instead of building up in the back of your baby's throat.

When your baby is struggling, you will most likely contact the pediatrician for a full evaluation. This will help rule out any underlying medical conditions that may become serious. After receiving clearance from the pediatrician, consider chiropractic care to improve any of the above issues. Check out sites like http://www.healthatlastcitrus.com/ for more information.