Reasons to Consider a Home Birth Instead of a Hospital Birth

When you're pregnant and your baby's due date approaches, you and your spouse will need to make a long list of decisions. One important thing to think about is where you wish to give birth. While doing so at a hospital might be your automatic thought, it can be worthwhile to give some consideration to going through this process in your own home.

Many couples elect to have home births, which can be assisted by a midwife and other medical professionals. Even if you hadn't previously considered this idea, it's worth giving some thought to it. Here are some reasons that a home birth can be appealing.

The Familiar Environment Can Lower Your Stress

People generally feel more at ease when they're in familiar environments, and this can be valuable when you're getting ready to give birth. When you're in labor, it's stressful enough, and having to travel to a hospital and find your way around, all while there are people coming and going around you, may not feel very enticing. With a home birth, you have the ability to specifically control the environment, including deciding the room you'll use and even setting it up in a calming manner that suits you.

You'll Have Less Risk of Infection

When you're pregnant, your immune system isn't as strong as it would otherwise be. If you've nursed several colds throughout the time that you've been pregnant, you'll attest to this. Although hospital staff go to considerable lengths to keep this environment clean, the reality is that the constant presence of people who are sick can make hospitals rife with germs. The last thing you want to do when you're having your child is get sick; your sleep will be shortened enough, and having a cold can make you exhausted easily. At home, you won't have to worry about coming in contact with new bugs.

It's Especially Easier if You Live Remotely

People who live remotely often favor a home birth. For example, if you need to travel more than an hour to get to your hospital, it might not be feasible to reach the hospital when your labor begins. Further, if you're pregnant in the winter, you might be concerned about a snowstorm preventing you from getting to the hospital fast enough and potentially having to call an ambulance to assist you on the side of the road. In this scenario, planning a home birth can be the smarter and safer choice.

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