3 Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician After a Move

Having to choose a new pediatrician for your child can be one of the most frustrating aspects of moving to a new town. Your child has most likely been seeing the same doctor for years, possibly since birth, and are probably comfortable with them. Choosing the right pediatrician in your new town will make a big difference in how smoothly future doctor appointments go, so just follow these tips to ensure you make the right choice:

Don't Overlook Family Health Clinics

While offices that specialize in pediatric care can be great, sometimes a better option is to choose a family health clinic with a pediatrician on the staff. This can make a lot of sense because your whole family can go to the same doctor's office, making scheduling appointments much easier for you. As your child grows older, they can continue to see doctors at the same family health clinic, even once they are too old to see a pediatrician.

Narrow Down Your List

First, make a list of your requirements for a pediatrics doctor. The first requirement for many families is that the doctor accepts their health insurance. From there, you may have more specific criteria such as wanting to find a doctor's office that is a short drive from your home and perhaps has extended hours during the work week. Another way to narrow things down is to read online reviews and look for a pediatrician who seems to have many happy and loyal patients. Once you have a short list of your top candidates, it will be easier to select the right pediatrician.

Schedule a Consultation

Before deciding on a pediatrician, it's a great idea to schedule a free consultation. This allows you to see the doctor's office in person and interact with both the pediatrician and the front office staff.

Is your child comfortable with their prospective new doctor? Is the office clean and welcoming? Is the staff happy to answer your questions and show you around, or do you feel rushed and like they don't really have time for you? Is the clinic an easy commute from your home or office? Once you have answers to these questions, it will be much easier to commit to a new pediatrician for your child.

Following these tips and finding the perfect fit for your child's new pediatrician will make all those annual check-ups and childhood illnesses much easier to navigate.