Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Uses Liposuction Procedure To Remove Stubborn Fat Pockets From Your Body

You may have trouble ridding your body of fat pockets that stubbornly remain in place for years even though you diet and exercise daily. Genetics may also be responsible for the fat pockets. Your surgeon uses liposuction to reduce the fats. He or she reshapes targeted areas by creating symmetric contours for your improved appearance. All you have to do is consult with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who will evaluate you and decide whether you are a candidate for a liposuction procedure.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

You are considered to be a good candidate for the procedure when you are of ideal weight. If you're not of ideal weight, then you would be asked to lose weight in order to qualify for this treatment. The elasticity of your skin and good muscle tone also defines you as a proper candidate for liposuction. You must also be a non-smoker for a considerable number of years and be in good health without any diseases that may be life-threatening. All of these requirements enable you to easily heal following the procedure.

The Procedure

Since liposuction is regarded as a contouring procedure, the removal of fatty pockets enhances your shape once the unwanted fat is dispatched. Small incisions are made at the procedure's location, and fluid is injected through the incisions to provide anesthesia. Your surgeon will use a cannula tube to suction out fat from one or more designated fatty pocket areas. The unwanted fats are suctioned out with the use of a syringe that's attached to the cannula tube. A surgical vacuum can be used instead of the syringe attachment.

Tumescent Liposuction Technique

There is a tumescent technique that's now used during large volume liposuction. The technique minimizes blood loss when the volume of liposuction is large due to more than one site receiving liposuction treatment. Excessive loss of blood during surgery was a troublesome risk of liposuction years ago. Ask your surgeon whether that new technique will be used during your liposuction procedures.

Will The Fat Return?

As long as you maintain your current weight after liposuction and contouring of your body, fat will not settle in your other body areas. Should you gain a lot of weight following the procedure, the excess weight will head straight for where any other fat cells are located. The cells will gather in areas not treated by liposuction. It cannot be emphasized enough that when you gain weight following hip and abdomen areas, the majority of these fats will be dumped in areas such as in your breasts, on your face, and perhaps on your back too.