Doggie DNA Testing

Having a DNA test conducted can be a great way to find out where you came from and who your ancestors were.  With all of the DNA services available these days it is now easier than ever.  DNA is present in the cells of not just humans but just about every other living organism, even your dog.  Have you ever wondered where your pup came from?  You can easily find that out too.   Canine DNA testing services are readily available for consumer use. There are many reasons why you may want to get your dog tested.

Find out your dogs' lineage

Are you curious about exactly what breeds went in to creating your mixed breed dog?  Are you wondering exactly who your pooch's parents are? With DNA testing you can find out the exact breeds that make up your dog.  Knowing the exact breeds of your dog can be very helpful in determining how big a puppy may grow or how their coat color or texture may develop.  It can also just satisfy your curiosity in knowing your dog's true breed makeup.  DNA testing can also provide confirmation of a purebred status in your dog.

Identify any inherited conditions

There are health conditions which are sometimes more common in certain breeds. As a dog owner you can find out if there are any genetic health risks that may affect your dog.  Now this does not mean that your dog will develop the health condition, just that he may be predisposed the conditions. This will allow you to take better care of your best friend and be proactive in looking out for your dog's health.

Training needs

Knowing your dogs breed can also help with training.  Certain breeds are prone to certain inherited personality traits, such as shyness, playfulness and aggressiveness. Knowing what these personality traits are for your dog can help you to tailor your training routine to match these traits.  This can result in a much easier time with training.

Testing your dog's DNA is a simple process.  All you need to do is pick up a kit online or in your local pet supply store.  You collect the DNA from your pooch, usually with just a quick swab to the inside of the mouth, and then send it off to the DNA testing company lab to be tested.  Some veterinarians also offer DNA testing service in the office.