The Discreet Advantages Of IIC Hearing Aids

If you are interested in finding the right hearing aid for your needs, chances are you may be ashamed to admit it. Maybe, you do not want anyone to find out you have one. If so, you are not alone. Of course, not everyone wants the old-time, bulky hearing aids of the past. The more comfortable you feel about how your hearing aid looks, the more you will continue to feel comfortable using it.

If you feel like you fall into these categories, or you are simply curious about getting seeing an audiologist about a hearing aid, here are some benefits of having an invisible-in-the-ear canal (IIC) hearing aid.

IICs Are Almost Invisible

IIC hearing aids are not invisible, of course, but when you wear them, they cannot be seen by you or anyone else. There is nothing to plug in and no exposed wires to worry about that may embarrass you. IICs are put close to the eardrum and further inside the ear canal than most hearing aids, so they are relatively undetected by others.

You Will Feel Like You Are Hearing Naturally

Because IICs are positioned closer to the eardrum, the stimulus of the eardrum by the hearing aid makes hearing seem more natural. People who use more conventional hearing aids are sometimes put off by warbling, sound warps, and echoes. Some may also feel like they are talking too loudly. This happens because of what is termed the "occlusion effect," which is a term for when sounds get stuck between the inner ear and the eardrum. Because IICs are deeper in the ear canal, the chances of the occlusion effect happening are very low, and hearing seems more natural.

Audiologists Recommend the Efficiency of IICs

Because of the placement of IICs, invisible hearing aids do not require much power to operate. Since the power needed is so low, IICs do not cause problems like feedback and ringing. Users of more conventional hearing aids can encounter these problems when using a phone. With an invisible hearing aid, you will be able to use your phone without any issues.

When to See an Audiologist

If you are having problems with your hearing and feel an IIC is ideal for you, contact an audiologist for the best guidance. IICs are not recommended for everyone, and they do not work for those with severe hearing loss. By analyzing your personal needs, an audiologist will be the best person to guide you on the road to better hearing. Contact an audiologist and hearing aid service for more information.