Lose A Loved And Can't Get Over It? You May Have Trapped Emotions

It takes time to heal after losing a loved one. If it has been a long time since you lost your loved one and you are still not feeling better, you may have trapped emotions. Fortunately, there is help to make you feel much better. Below is information about what trapped emotions are and how seeing an emotion code practitioner can help you.

Trapped Emotions

When you lose someone, you likely carry trapped emotions, which can cause many symptoms such as problems with health, problems in relationships, having problems with your career, or problems finding happiness. These emotions can make you feel depressed and want to be alone all the time.

Your body has natural energy and trapped emotions are also energy. The energy from trapped emotions is not natural and can make you feel even more depressed and sad after losing a loved one. This is much like a ball of energy stuck in a certain area of your body. Where the ball of energy is located will affect that part of your body in most cases. For example, the ball of energy may be near your heart or your intestines. A small amount of energy may be released or a large amount at one time.   

 Emotion Code Practitioner

There are emotion code practitioners that specialize in this type of therapy. Muscle testing is often used to help determine where the ball of energy is in your body. This is done by the practitioner who uses their hands to apply pressure to different areas on your body to see where you feel tension. Healing magnets are also sometimes used in this type of therapy. 

Self-expression will be taught to you to help release your emotions. This could be having a good cry, going for a walk or a run, dancing, gardening, screaming, or punching something, such as a bag. 

The practitioner will talk with you to help you recognize your emotion and show you techniques of how to express your emotions to release them. They will teach you self-care techniques that you can do at home to help prevent the ball of energy from coming back again. Self-care involves relaxing and slowing down. The practitioner will ask you to do relaxing things that you enjoy, such as listening to your favorite music, cooking, going for a walk, and much more. 

The emotion code practitioner that you see will give you much more information on how this process works. Contact an emotion code practitioner for more information.