How An Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic Can Help You Recover From A Car Accident

When you've been injured in a vehicle accident, you might need orthopedic rehabilitation during your recovery. You might be an in-patient in an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic, or you might attend a clinic as an outpatient. Orthopedic rehabilitation is needed so you recover properly when you injure any part of your musculoskeletal system. Here are some treatments you might receive.

Aquatic Therapy

Exercising in a pool allows you to improve the range of motion of your joints and get exercise without impacting your joints. Your therapist might even have you exercise in a dip tub of very warm water so you can take hydrotherapy too. Water is relaxing as well as enjoyable, so exercising in water can be fun and make your therapy workouts easier to endure.

Pain Management

Orthopedic rehabilitation may also include pain management techniques. The therapist might use ultrasound treatments to deliver heat deep into your tissues to help relieve pain. They might also use ice if you have issues with inflammation. Your therapist might teach you to use an electrical stimulation unit at home for pain relief.

Pain might be managed by stretching and strengthening exercises. When you go to the orthopedic rehabilitation clinic, you may exercise and stretch under supervision to make sure you do the exercises correctly for maximum benefit.

Balance Training

If you have balance problems due to your injuries, you could be at a higher risk of falling. An orthopedic rehabilitation therapist can provide balance training by strengthening your muscles to make you more steady and stable on your feet. Stronger muscles improve your posture and coordination too, and better posture might help reduce pain and lower your risk of falling.

Joint Rehabilitation

If your shoulder, knee, hip, or other joint was damaged in the accident, or if you're recovering from joint surgery you needed due to the accident, your therapist may provide therapy to help with joint rehabilitation. This therapy helps strengthen muscles that support your joint and helps your joints stay flexible. Rehabilitation helps your joint heal properly so you can maintain a full range of motion if possible.

If you had multiple joint injuries in your accident, your orthopedic rehabilitation therapist will create a care plan that helps all the affected joints heal while you recover at a pace you can tolerate.

An orthopedic rehabilitation clinic offers a number of healing therapies that can help with all of the issues you face as you heal from a car accident. You may be pushed hard to do physical therapy exercises, but some treatments, such as massage and ultrasound, may feel relaxing and comfortable.