What To Consider When Seeking Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are dealing with addiction, there are treatment options that can help. Whether it's drugs or alcohol, treating your addictions can help you live a longer and healthier life. However, finding an addiction treatment that works for you can be challenging. What works best will vary depending on the individual and the resources they have for treatment.

Here's what to consider when seeking out addiction treatment.

What You're Addicted To

The first thing to consider when seeking addiction treatment is what you are addicted to. For example, opioid addiction treatment will be different than treatments for alcohol addiction. If you have issues with both drugs and alcohol, you may need a different treatment plan than someone who is only addicted to one substance. First, consider your addiction and then look for addiction treatment options that are geared toward your addiction. What works best for you may also depend on how long you have been addicted to a substance and your current use level of that substance. 

What Treatments Are Available

Another thing to consider is what addiction treatments are available to you. There are many addiction treatments that can be used alone or together to help you. Different forms of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy, have been successful for many. You may want to enter a 12-step program or check yourself into a detoxification clinic. There are also various medications that can act as alcohol or opioid treatments. Talk to your doctor and consider which treatments you are interested in. Often, a combination of treatments is recommended.

How Much It Will Cost

The cost of treatment for addiction varies depending on the treatment you choose and whether you have insurance that will cover the costs. Addiction treatment options range in price from free to thousands of dollars. For example, an outpatient detox may cost you $1,000 to $1,500. Inpatient rehabs will set you back thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars. Medications that treat addictions can cost thousands per year. The good news is that there are free programs that can help you get addiction treatment, but you will need to seek them out.

There are a few things to consider when seeking treatment for addiction. First, the type of addiction will play a role in what treatments work best. Second, you will want to consider what treatment options work best for your needs. Finally, the cost of addiction treatment varies depending on what you choose and whether you have insurance coverage.