Telltale Signs It's Time To See Your Chiropractor

According to the American Chiropractic Association, approximately 35 million adults and children in America regularly visit the chiropractor. However, many of these people don't see a chiropractor regularly and don't know the signs that it is time to schedule an appointment. If you haven't seen your chiropractor in several weeks or even months, here are a few telltale signs it is time to make an appointment.

Extreme Fatigue

Contact your chiropractor right away if you have been struggling with chronic fatigue and have trouble sleeping and these symptoms are impacting your everyday life. An adjustment can not only help relieve the aches and pains that can make you tired, but your chiropractor can help you improve your posture.

Believe it or not, your posture can impact your quality of sleep, and if you do not have proper posture, it can strain your neck and back, making you feel more tired throughout the day. The chiropractor can provide you with a few tips and tricks about how to improve your posture.


Life can be stressful, and, in many cases, this stress can manifest in frequent headaches. An adjustment can help realign your spine and relieve stress and pressure, which can help your headaches go away. Scheduling regular adjustments can also help prevent headaches in the future. Your chiropractor can help pinpoint the cause of your chronic headaches and help create a plan to prevent headaches in the future.

For example, the headaches might be caused by something as simple as dehydration and stress. Regular adjustments and drinking more water are sometimes all you will need to get rid of your headache and prevent future headaches.

A Recent Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Visiting your chiropractor after an automobile accident is a great way to help you find relief from some common injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents, including whiplash. In addition to regular adjustments, your chiropractor will provide you with regular exercises that can not only relieve your aches and pains but also increase your range of motion and help heal much more quickly.

You Spend Most of Your Day Sitting

If you are like many Americans, you spend most of your day sitting at a desk. All that time sitting can put unnecessary pressure on your spine, which can lead to several common aches and pains. Regular adjustments can help counteract the effects of spending too much time sitting.

From a recent motor vehicle accident to chronic headaches, there are several signs it is time to contact your chiropractor. Visit a local chiropractor to learn more.