Tips For Coping With A Bad Cold

The common cold is caused by a number of viruses, and it is typically most prevalent during the late fall and winter months. While the viruses that cause colds are very common, that doesn't mean that catching a cold can't make you miserable. Dealing with a cold can involve feeling awful, and in some cases, it can be difficult to maintain your normal daily life and go to work if you feel especially bad.

Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Uses Liposuction Procedure To Remove Stubborn Fat Pockets From Your Body

You may have trouble ridding your body of fat pockets that stubbornly remain in place for years even though you diet and exercise daily. Genetics may also be responsible for the fat pockets. Your surgeon uses liposuction to reduce the fats. He or she reshapes targeted areas by creating symmetric contours for your improved appearance. All you have to do is consult with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who will evaluate you and decide whether you are a candidate for a liposuction procedure.

At-Home Care Misconceptions You Should Correct

There can be situations where a person may benefit from regular medical and personal assistance. Even though individuals will often assume that getting this type of care will require them to move into an assisted living community, you should consider the benefits home care can provide you. Myth: Family And Friends Are Just As Good As Home Care Services Individuals will often assume that their friends and family will be able to provide the same level of care.

Recovering From Prostate Cancer? How To Help Prevent Its Return

If you've recently recovered from prostate cancer, you want to do everything you can to prevent a recurrence. One way to do that is to continue seeing your doctor for routine checkups. Those routine checkups will allow your doctor to monitor your PSA levels. Once you've been diagnosed with prostate cancers, your PSA numbers will be a crucial piece of information that your doctor will need to have.  If your PSA numbers begin to climb, your doctor will need to take action quickly.

Understanding The Cause And Treatment Of Achilles Tendon Tears

If you have severe pain along the back of your ankle, then there is a chance that you have injured your Achilles tendon. In the most severe case, the injury may be a complete rupture where the tendon has ripped. A rupture or complete rip does need to be evaluated by a physician. Keep reading to learn about why a rupture can develop and also how the issue is treated. How Does An Achilles Tendon Rupture?