Main Indicators That You Need A Weight Loss Coach

Obesity is a persistent problem in the United States. Currently, about 36.5% of American adults are obese, while 32.5% are overweight. Mainly, excess weight is attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary patterns. If you do nothing to lose weight, you stand a higher risk of contracting lifestyle illnesses, such as a stroke, heart complications, cancer, or diabetes. If you have tried losing weight with little success, maybe you should hire a weight loss coach.

All You Need To Know About Dementia

A positive dementia diagnosis is a scary experience. This medical condition is associated with progressive loss of memory and communication abilities. Preventive and management care for any medical condition requires one to have the correct information. Thus, understanding the symptoms, stages, causes, and approaches to dementia care is crucial.  What is Dementia? Contrary to public opinion, dementia is not a single disease. Instead, dementia is a term used to describe a wide range of particular medical conditions.

Painful Elbow Joint? See A Rheumatologist About Gout

If you experience severe bouts of pain, inflammation, or swelling in one of your elbows, you may blame it on tennis elbow. Although tennis elbow and other types of injuries can cause elbow pain, so can a rheumatology condition called gout. A rheumatologist can determine whether or not gout caused your elbow pain. Learn more about gout and why you should see a rheumatologist below. What's Gout and Can It Occur in Elbows?

Making The Most From Your Telehealth Appointment

Telehealth services can be a convenient and safe option for individuals that are needing help with a variety of health issues and injuries. Yet, telehealth services are fairly new, and there are individuals that will not be prepared for what is involved with using this type of medical provider. Test Your Set-Up Prior To The Telehealth Appointment One of the potential disadvantages of using a telehealth service is that you may need to use a computer or smartphone to be able to have this meeting.

Lose A Loved And Can't Get Over It? You May Have Trapped Emotions

It takes time to heal after losing a loved one. If it has been a long time since you lost your loved one and you are still not feeling better, you may have trapped emotions. Fortunately, there is help to make you feel much better. Below is information about what trapped emotions are and how seeing an emotion code practitioner can help you. Trapped Emotions When you lose someone, you likely carry trapped emotions, which can cause many symptoms such as problems with health, problems in relationships, having problems with your career, or problems finding happiness.