What Are The Advantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Over A Gastric Bypass?

If your excess weight is causing health problems and decreasing your quality of life, you may have considered surgical intervention in order to help you lose weight quickly. Gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery are two surgical options that are both effective at producing rapid weight loss, and they both work on the similar principle of reducing the size of your stomach. During gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon removes the majority of your stomach, turning your stomach into a small tube that looks like a sleeve.

Medical Gas Outlets For Patient Rooms

Many areas throughout the country are seeing an increase in assisted living and nursing homes. An increasing number of developers are purchasing older homes and buildings to remodel and create smaller assisted living, nursing homes, or a combination of both. If you are part of this growing number of developers you may have an issue with the installation of a particular type of outlet. Medical gas outlets are vital in distributing various medical gasses to patients as needed.

Why Retipping Is Better Than Replacing Your Dental Instruments

Some dentists choose to replace their dental instruments when they have worn out, but this is not necessarily something you have to do. If your dental instruments have been worn down, you may be better off turning to a retipping service so you can save money and extend the life of your instruments.  The Benefits of Retipping Dental Instruments When a dental instrument is worn down, it can potentially do damage to your patients' teeth because you will not be able to remove tooth tartar as well when the instrument is dull.

Main Indicators That You Need A Weight Loss Coach

Obesity is a persistent problem in the United States. Currently, about 36.5% of American adults are obese, while 32.5% are overweight. Mainly, excess weight is attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary patterns. If you do nothing to lose weight, you stand a higher risk of contracting lifestyle illnesses, such as a stroke, heart complications, cancer, or diabetes. If you have tried losing weight with little success, maybe you should hire a weight loss coach.

All You Need To Know About Dementia

A positive dementia diagnosis is a scary experience. This medical condition is associated with progressive loss of memory and communication abilities. Preventive and management care for any medical condition requires one to have the correct information. Thus, understanding the symptoms, stages, causes, and approaches to dementia care is crucial.  What is Dementia? Contrary to public opinion, dementia is not a single disease. Instead, dementia is a term used to describe a wide range of particular medical conditions.